We are working together to empower people to take charge of their own healthcare.

Amaze has partnered with Golden Bee Advisors because at Golden Bee, they understand what it means to empower people. Together with the Amaze team and it’s other partners, Golden Bee is helping to flip the pyramid, ensuring patients are always on top.

Golden Bee specializes in ICHRA’s, a relatively new and novel way for employers to provide coverage to their employees. ICHRA stands for Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement.” It’s only been available since January of this year.

HRA’s (the last three letters in ICHRA) have become increasingly popular in recent years (they were first allowed in 2017), but ICHRA’s provide more flexibility to employers enabling more small companies to provide benefits to their employees.

The key attribute of an ICHRA that was previously missing is that it’s the employee that is purchasing the health insurance while the employer reimburses them for the cost. This is different than the employer buying the insurance.

How ICHRA's Work

ICHRA’s follow in the wake of high deductibles, an important element of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a., ObamaCare) that was intended to promote greater consumerism in healthcare. Unfortunately, high-deductibles have not delivered on their promise, mainly because people are still denied the information and control they need to be well-informed, capable, independent consumers.

At Amaze, through our non-profit (BrokenHealthcare.org), we continue to promote policy changes in Washington that we believe are necessary to achieve consumer independence. ICHRA’s are one aspect of that change.

For employers, ICHRA’s put patients in charge of managing their health plans so the employer doesn’t have to. This starts the savings right away with less burden on human resource managers. There are no open enrollment meetings to worry about and no annual renewals to negotiate.  All an employer has to do is decide which employees qualify to participate, establish the monthly allowance, and leave the rest to the employee. ICHRA’s promote much greater independence and accountability right from the start.  

The Amaze Advantage

Because both Amaze and Golden Bee believe that people should be in charge of their own healthcare, Golden Bee recommends Amaze Health to all of its clients. Amaze provides the knowledge, information and support that enables ICHRAs to deliver on their promise.

By signing up with Amaze, patients have access to monthly webinars on how to navigate America’s crazy healthcare system. The Amaze app also has over 1500 educational videos, a medical grade symptom checker to aid in preliminary diagnosis, medical search tools, a place to keep all of your own copies of your medical records, and much more. Most importantly, Amaze offers unlimited access to its team of medical providers who offer virtual urgent care, primary care, and who can help you find or manage your own doctors. And the best thing is that Amaze does this all for one low monthly price charge.

Amaze provides the missing link in the patient empowerment equation and has offered Golden Bee’s customers  month of free service so they can test things out for themselves. We recommend everyone install the Amaze App. Then just use the feature called, “Send us a Note” to identify yourself as a Golden Bee customer and Amaze will turn on your free month of service. During that month, you can call and have someone take your medical history, provide you with a personalize tour of the app, or be seen for a medical problem. Whatever you need, Amaze is available to help. What have you got to lose?

After you set up your account, just go to “Send Us a Note” and identify yourself as a Golden Bee customer. Amaze will activate your free month and someone will reach out to you to get you started. There’s no obligation and you won’t be asked for a credit card number until you decide you want to stick with Amaze. 

Here’s some of what we recommend you do with Amaze: